Coffeehouse at Lawler’s:

The Story

In 2019, our pastoral staff and congregation had a God given vision to create a place that would serve our community in a practical way. We wanted to create a place where people could tangibly experience the love of God through hospitality, community, and genuine love.  Coffeehouse is God’s expression of this vision. We do not believe in coincidence, and for the money, resources, opportunity, staff, and timing of this coffee shop to come together is, we believe, the work of God moving in our community. In May 2020, in the midst of the challenges presented by a global pandemic, we opened in hopes to provide something great for our community, and since then we have enjoyed serving everyone who walks in the doors with a good cup of coffee and a solid representation of Christ’s love for people.

On the community side of things, the building Coffeehouse at Lawler’s resides in has been a main street business in one form or another for 100 years. The original business was Lawler Drug, and even though the business has changed hands and changed purpose, the Lawler family still actively oversees the property, and we are privileged to partner with a family that has such a rich history of serving the community of Baker.

The Purpose

We LOVE watching people connect with one another and with Jesus. The main purpose of Coffeehouse is to provide opportunities for those connections to happen. We offer free meeting spaces to any person or group that wants to use them, as well as provide opportunities for our community to get together through various events such as Plant and Sips and Live Music evenings.

We also LOVE using money for God’s purposes. Coffeehouse is a non-profit in connection with Baker Assembly, and as such all the profits are donated either to local individuals, projects, or groups, as well as international missions organizations who’s goal is to share Jesus.


Monday-Friday: 6:00am-5:00pm

Saturday: 8:00-2:00pm

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