What we are:

The youth and community center is a facility that offers a variety of activities for the students and adults of the church and the community.

What we do:

For teens:
We provide dozens of activities including indoor game tables (such as ping pong, air hockey, and a basketball shoot). We also provide a variety of video game systems (including Gamecube, PS4, Nintendo Switch and XboxOne) in addition to outdoor activities including football, volleyball, campfires, and water games in the summer. On top of all this, the youth center is always a good place to chat and pick up food while you hang out.

We also do a church service on Wednesday nights for area students. We have contemporary worship music, practical and biblical teaching, and an environment where teens can worship God in a way most relevant to them, giving God an opportunity to change their lives in a big way.

For the community:
Community activities range from men’s bible studies to birthday parties and seasonal activities for kids, to hosting garage sales, Fall Festival, Fresh vegetable sales, and others.

Our schedule:

We are located on the corner of S 1st Street W & Highway 12

The youth center is open 4 nights a week for teenagers:

Wednesday: 6-10pm (Youth Group goes from 7:30-8:30)
Friday: 6:30pm-midnight
Saturday: 6:30pm-midnight
Sunday: 6-10pm

Why we do what we do:

We believe that Jesus died to give hope to every person. We choose to express that by providing a safe place where students can find the hope that Christ offers through our activities, our staff, and our church services. The goal is that a student will always feel like they have a place to go and someone to talk to when they are struggling. We also believe that serving the community is a great way to show Christ’s love, which we do by providing opportunities for the community to use our facility throughout the year.

For any information regarding the Youth Center, call Pastor Joe @ 406-853-8906