Associate/Youth Pastor


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Pastor Joe has been serving as the youth and associate pastor at Baker Assembly since 2013. He has worked hard and eventually earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry from Global university as well as a Master’s Degree in Missional Leadership through Trinity Bible College. To ensure he doesn’t get bored, he also serves as the director of the Baker Youth and Community Center, where he spends 4 nights a week having fun with and ministering to the teens of the community. Gifted both instrumentally and vocally, Joe leads worship for both youth and Sunday services. Joe and Beth have two beautiful daughters, Elodie Cecilia (age 3) and Eleanor Vienna (age 7 months). When Joe and Beth have time together, they enjoy tackling a DIY-project, taking a hike, watching a movie, or embarking on any other adventure. Pastor Beth is the director of the Eastern Plains Economic Development Corporation, a non-profit that manages community projects in five southeastern Montana counties. In addition to her work, Beth also serves on several local boards that work with county and city development in her own community. Beth has a huge heart to keep Jesus the center of all that the church does, both in purpose and practice, which she does through leading the women’s ministry and assisting in the youth ministry especially.